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I started driving Uber in April 2015.  I was at the Chicago Auto Show with my buddy and we dared each other to start driving Uber.  Boy was I nervous on my first ride.  In fact, I muffed it because I actually picked up two people going to two different locations and ended the ride at the first drop off.  My rider saved me by starting another ride.  Here I am two years later.  I drive only Select now.  Less miles, more bucks.  It’ that simple.

What have I learned?

  1. Be courteous and polite.
  2. Always have a smile on
  3. Be willing to listen… or be willing to ride quietly.  I gauge willingness for my rider to talk by see where their eyes are.  If they are “heads down”,  the do not disturb sign is out.  If they are looking around, or looking at you in the mirror… say “Hello.  How’s your day going?”
  4. I tried food and water in the car… didn’t work.  I think it creeps folks out.
  5. Do have power in the car.  I have a dual plug and provide both Android and iOS charging cables in the back seat
  6. Always help with the door and bags
  7. Say “Thanks! and have a great day!” when the ride is over.  In other words, leave your rider with a positive affirmation

That’s it.  Not hard, not cumbersome… but I am an old-timer at 2 years.  Let me know if you have some stories to share.


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