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IT’S HERE!   We released MyRideTrac for Android on December 5th on the Google Play Store.  Download MyRideTrac and let us know what you think!

We have been developing the Android version for about 3 months now.  Beta testing is starting the 2nd week in November.homeandroid

MyRideTrac for Android will look and behave very similarly to the iOS version.  It will have all of the same features and using Google Drive wherever iCloud is used in the iOS version.  Features include:

  • Ability to Name and track multiple Vehicles
  • Backup of Data to Google Drive
  • Metric support for US, UK and everywhere else
  • Multiple Year rate support
  • Midnight cut-off accuracy reporting
  • Summary and Detailed reporting
  • Spreadsheet includes log of all trips, with mileage and expense data
  • PIT STOP… ever have to go to the bathroom really, really badly… one button and you are in!
  • Widget support – a handy pull-down widget so you never have to leave your rideshare app
  • See all your trips color coded on the map at the same time – See where you get your rides
  • Ability to categorize your trips as  RIDER / NORIDER / PERSONAL
  • Supported by an active rideshare driver.  When new ideas come up… guess what – they’re in!

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