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Using two devices. Big Buttons work on all devices.

Have an iPhone or iPad.  MyRideTrac works on all Apple Devices.    Download MyRideTrac from iTunes

MyRideTrac for iPhone and iPad works for you to track your RIDER/NORIDER or PERSONAL miles.  It also tracks all of your expenses along the way.

Here are some of the features you will find in MyRideTrac:

  • Layered trips displayed on the MapIt Screen.  See your RIDER/NORIDER/PERSONAL rides all at once.  See where you are driving empty
  • Ability to change your status on the fly using the handy WIDGET.  Change to RIDER/NORIDER/PERSONAL Status.  No swiping right/left at the end of the day
  • Runs on top of UBER, LYFT and all other Rideshare apps via the WIDGET in the Pull-Down menu (iOS) or Notifications Menu (Android)
  • Ability to log ALL of your expenses right into the app.  Captures your odometer reading when you log expenses.
  • Send yourself a report in email.  Summary report with detailed spreadsheet attached are included.  Forward the spreadsheet to your tax guy.  Includes start/end dates of trips, miles, deductions, expenses, odometer readings, elapsed time and more!
  • A PIT STOP feature that finds all the nearest fast food restaurants with the touch of one button!   A life saver when your bladder is calling!
  • Backs up up your data to iCloud or Google Drive.
  • World wide metric support.  Configure it to track miles/gallons, litres/kilometres or even litres/miles for our friends in the UK!
  • A STOP tracking button to turn off recording of GPS data.  Saves battery without having to kill the app.

    Use the Handy Widget to change status without ever leaving your favorite Rideshare app!
  • You can define the tax rate for your country.  Tracks up to two different years of tax rates
  • Tracks multiple vehicles, multiple drivers
  • New features are being suggested all of the time via the feedback button and there is a great help website with videos available right from the app.
Send yourself summary and detailed reports. MyRideTrac attaches a spreadsheet that you can edit!

MyRideTrac is being used in over 10 countries around the world.  TRY IT FOR FREE.  If you like it, it is just $1.99/month, which is a better value than those that charge and doesn’t track you or try to sell you something else for those that don’t charge.

Configure MyRideTrac to suit your needs. Full Metric Support. Configure Pit Stop to search for whatever you want!